Blue Planet Clear Water 125ml

Blue Planet Clear Water 125ml
Crystal clear water for fresh water aquariums only.

Blue Planet Clear Water is formulated to clear hazy water and remove suspended particles from freshwater aquariums, bowls and ponds. Once bonded with these particles and settled, the aquarium is left looking 'crystal clear'.

Direction of use:
Use 5ml per 20 litres of water. Add to an area of flowing water to ensure even distribution throughout the aquarium. DON NOT OVERDOSE!

A filter system will remove these particles, otherwise, use a gravel cleaner to remove then after 24 hours.

Usage Guide:
To calculate approximate tank capacity (in litres), measure in cm, length x width x height and divide by 1000

Product must be stored in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.

Do not use in pure, soft water conditions, unless electrolytes (conditioning salts) are added first.
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