Blue Planet Snail Rid 125 ml

Blue Planet Snail Rid 125 ml
Blue Planet Snail Rid is a complete treatment to control snail infestations in tropical and freshwater aquariums. This medicated solution is suitable for use in hard water tanks only and helps to eliminate snails introduced by plants into your tank and effectively prevent population growth and reinfestation.

* Highly effective treatment to control snail population in freshwater aquariums.
* Helps to prevent rapid growth in numbers and control reinfestation with regular use.
* Simply mix as directed then add to your tank for stress-free preparation and administration.
* 125ml bottle offers long-lasting solution against reinfestation.
*Suitable for both freshwater and tropical fish.
* Not suitable for use in aquariums with soft water.
* Safe and non-toxic to fish when used as directed i.e. for use in hard water/on hard water species only.
* Not suitable for treatment of bacterial or viral infections.

Contains 1g/L copper sulphate.

Directions for use:
Do not use in aquariums with soft water - less than 50ppm total hardness as measured by calcium carbonate. If unsure about the hardness of your tanks water, always use a water hardness test kit (dH) or consult expert advice. This product is toxic to fish in soft water and can lead to fish death if used incorrectly. Before using, always remove activated carbon from filter system as this can absorb product and lead to ineffective use. DOSE RATE: In hard water (more than 50ppm carbonate hardness) - give 1ml per 4L, or 5ml per 20L of water. Repeat treatment after 3 days.
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