Microworms - Starter Culture

Microworms - Starter Culture
This is for a starter culture of Microworms which is a couple of big spoonfuls inside a zip lock bag.

Microworms are the perfect size for newly-hatched fry, and should be feed fish that are too small to accept other types of food such as flakes or pellets.

As the Microworms are a live food, they will move in the water triggering the eating reflexes of the baby fish. These will also stay on the bottom of the tank for a few hours which are great for bottom dwelling feeders also.

Microworms are a great live food for any small and baby fish.

We will provide easy to follow instructions for keeping Microworms and as they are very easy to grow and by setting up new cultures they can last forever.

Please note that these are shipped at your risk. We do take every possible care to ensure they arrive safely to you and we have had a high success rate of them doing so.

Our shipping days for live items are Mon - Wed to ensure they arrive safely to you and don't get stuck over the weekend. Expected shipping is overnight business days for the both the North Island and South Island with NZ Post, rural deliveries may take another day.

Rural deliveries may take longer and increase of risk of the culture not reaching you safely so we recommend providing a non rural address if possible.
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