LED Aquarium Light 20W

Ultra Thin, High End, LED Light

The size of the light is 600 x 80 x 7mm

This items adjustable holder can fit all aquariums of different sizes and it has extendable bracket which makes this item good looking.

Expands between 60 - 75cm

* Classic Heat Sink
* Game special lamp
* Adjustable telescopic support
* Professional safely transformer
* Integrally formed aluminum alloy lamp body

* This light has 3 different settings
* The first and second setting have every second row of lights going, 30
in total. The first setting has 1 green light, the second has 2 green
* The third setting is for all lights which is 60 lights, 3 of those are
green lights.
* The settings are controlled by the light switch being turned on and off.
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