Pet One Bedding - Cushion Rectangular Sheepskin Replica 59x43cm

Pet One Bedding - Cushion Rectangular Sheepskin Replica 59x43cm
Pet One's Indoor bedding range provides comfort, durability, and style for your furry friend all year-round.

Take your pet's comfort to the next level with a range of beds to keep them snug, warm and happy.

Suitable For: Dogs

Features & Benefits:
* Provides year-round comfort and insulation from cold draughts in winter and hot surfaces in summer
* Made from soft plush faux sheepskin
* Non-slip base for added stability
* Cushion filled with soft polyester filling
* Lightweight and portable
* Available in various sizes and styles
Pets shed, dig, roll in mud, get wet and get smelly. Here are some basic tips to keeping Pet One bedding clean:
* Vacuum regularly
* If your pet has recently been bathed or if they are wet, make sure they are 100% dry before letting them on their bed
* Aerate bedding on a flat surface in the shade.
* Spot clean using natural, low irritant household cleaning products such as: warm water, white vinegar & baking soda
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