Seachem Clarity

Seachem Clarity
Clarity™ is the ultimate clarifier for both fresh and saltwater. It employs an advanced polymeric flocculating agent that is both reef and plant safe. Clarity™ is the only clarifier on the market that does it all! Clarity™ will clear all types of clouding.

Many companies manufacture multiple products to clear up each type of cloudiness and each different environment (e.g. freshwater, marine, reef, etc.). Some companies have developed products that will clear most types of cloudiness, but their application requires two separate bottles of product. Clarity™ contains compounds that will clear all types of cloudiness in all environments.
Clarity™ contains both precipitating and flocculating agents in the same bottle, enabling all types of cloudiness to be removed in one dose.

Upon adding Clarity™ to the water, you will see a cloudy haze begin to form. This is normal and means that Clarity™ is beginning to work. The water is filled with tiny pieces of floating matter that were not visible to the naked eye. Clarity™ makes those pieces of matter begin to clump together. As they clump together they form larger pieces of matter that are now visible, hence the cloudiness. Once this matter has clumped together, it is a simple matter of mechanical filtration to remove the residue. Matter that was once too small to get caught in filter media is now in large enough clumps.

In order for Clarity™ to work effectively, you should have a filter with mechanical filtration (e.g., filter floss) connected to your aquarium.


How often can you use Clarity?
A: Clarity™ can be added every 24 hours as needed, however, if your water has not cleared you may not have adequate mechanical filtration. We recommend using filter floss (poly-fil) in your filter when adding Clarity, as this is a very fine mechanical filter that will remove the undissolved particulates. It is completely normal for the water to become more cloudy on the addition of Clarity, as it is a flocculating agent that will clump together the particulates, making larger particulates that are easily filtered out with the filter floss. Keep in mind that you may have to change out the floss a couple of times during the treatment, as it may get clogged or saturated.

I added the correct amount of Clarity™ to my tank and the cloudiness got much worse. What is happening?
A: Clarity™ is a flocculant, meaning it bonds to small particles, making them much larger and easier to filter from the water. This will make the cloudiness worse for a short time until the large particles are removed from the water. Mechanical filtration is the only way to remove them, and if you don't have adequate mechanical filtration it will probably never clear. Typically, sponge filters are not fine enough to remove the larger particulate matter from the water. We recommend using Filter Floss in your filter and it may need to be changed several times before the water completely clears, as it will get saturated or become clogged.

Will the Clarity™ precipitate trace minerals and macro- and micro-nutrients that my fish and plants need to maintain rapid, healthy growth?
A: Clarity™ will only remove particulates not soluble nutrients. Clarity™ works as an aggressive flocculant and not as a precipitant. Clarity™ is generally used for cloudy water situations and it is great for all types of clouding.

Will Clarity™ clear up algae blooms?
A: Yes, Clarity™ will clear all types of clouding

Will Clarity™ clear up bacterial blooms?
A: Yes, Clarity™ will clear all types of clouding

I have floating particles (not algae) in the water that the filter will not catch. I wanted to know if your product "Clarity" will help.
A: Clarity™ can be used for all particulates. I would use a fine filtration floss in your filter system in conjunction with Clarity. Clarity™ actually makes the particulates larger, allowing for them to be filtered out of your system. Clarity™ is also safe to use in all aquarium systems, freshwater, reef, etc.

Is Clarity™ reef and plant safe?
A: Yes, when used as directed, Clarity™ is safe to use in planted and reef aquariums.

My local water supply has very soft water. Will Clarity™ impact the pH of my water?
A: Since soft water tends to have low alkalinity and little buffering capacity, it is possible that adding certain products to a tank with soft water could cause the pH to drop. In most cases, this is not an issue, but with soft and already unbuffered/ lightly buffered water, it could cause a shift in pH. In systems with low buffering capacity or soft water, it is best to use a lower 1/4 to 1/2 dose of many additives and test the impact or outcome before using the full dosage.
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