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  • Birds
    Bird cages, liners, toys, bird treats and bird seeds.
  • Cats
    Cat and kitten food, treats, toys, cat carriers, cat climbers/scratchers, litter trays and pooper scoopers, worming and flea treatments plus more.
  • Chickens
    Chicken seeds, pellets, freeze dried mealworms and oyster grit.
  • Dogs
    Dog and puppy food and treats, flea and worming treatments, shampoos and conditioners, toys, grooming, collars and leads plus more.
  • Fish
    Everything you need for happy, healthy and good looking fish and aquariums.
  • Live Fish
    Gorgeous live fish, shipped in a polystyrene box with a heat pack.
  • Small Animals
    Pet drink bottles, housing, toys, food and treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice.
  • Turtles
    Floating pellets and frozen foods which are a well-balanced diet formulated for turtles.