Reptile One Calcium Powder + D3
Keep your reptile happy and healthy with Reptile One's range of supplements and reptile safe cleaning products.

The Reptile One supplement range assists in meeting the special needs of reptiles kept in captivity, to ensure they receive all the vitamins and minerals they need.

Reptile One's range of supplements and reptile safe cleaning products are proudly made in Australia to provide your reptile with the 'next best thing to nature!'.

Reptile One's Calcium + D3 Powder is carefully formulated for use in supplementing your amphibian and reptile's diet. Vitamin D3 supports calcium absorption in amphibians or reptiles who may not get sufficient exposure to UVB or natural sunlight. Calcium Powder+ D3 helps promote healthy bone growth, nerve functions and hormone synthesis. Reptile One's Calcium + D3 formula is low in phosphorous and has been manufactured to an ultra fine grade for easy absorption through cell membranes. Recommended for regular use in dusting feeder insects or vegetables prior to feeding to your amphibians or reptiles.

Suitable for Reptiles and Amphibians
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