Pet One Wee Wee Training Pad 65x55cm Tray
Toilet training a new puppy is always a stressful time for pet and owner, but with Pet One Wee Wee (Training) Tray used in conjunction with Training Pads, it is made easy.

The durable, lightweight plastic tray holds the pad in place to prevent spillages and stops your cheeky puppy dragging the pad all over the house as a play toy.

Pet One Wee Wee (Training) Tray is the ideal puppy toilet training aid and is a valuable tool in toilet training your new pup.

Features & Benefits:
* Made from durable, light weight plastic, the tray is simple to use and holds the super absorbent pads in place for a more hygienic environment.
* The tray not only prevents spillages, it also stops your puppy from dragging the pad all over the house, thinking it's a toy and making a mess everywhere!
* Large tray size to suit most small to medium breeds
* The tray is shaped to prevent tipping, providing a stable toileting area

Suitable for: Dogs

Specification: 54701 - Wee Wee Pad Tray 65 X 53.5cm
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