Pet Remedy Calming Travel Kit

Pet Remedy Calming Travel Kit
The Pet Remedy Travel Essentials Kit contains everything you need to help keep your pet calm and relaxed while travelling.

Made with a natural combination of Valerian, Vetiver, and other calming essential oils, Pet Remedy has been designed to work with your pet's own natural calming mechanism to help them immediately begin to relax and de-stress.

Pet Remedy will help to make your pet more attentive and receptive, without the need for sedation.

Key Benefits:
* Easy to use
* Starts to help immediately
* Natural ingredients
* No need for sedation
* Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Rodents, and Birds

Calming Spray 15ml
A water based version of the Pet Remedy solution that can be taken with you when out and about for immediate relief. Made with a pH neutral formula, the spray is safe to be sprayed onto fabrics, blankets, and bedding, and can even be sprayed directly onto your pet's fur and skin if needed.

Calming Wipes x 5
Used in much the same way as the spray, the wipes can be used to wipe down any carry case, or pet bed, or tucked into your dog's harness or collar. They can also be applied directly to your pet by rubbing around their muzzle, under their chin, and on top of their chest. Alternatively, wipe your hands thoroughly with a wipe before handing an anxious or stressed pet.
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