60L Complete Starter Aquarium Set Up For Tropical Fish - Basic

60L Complete Starter Aquarium Set Up For Tropical Fish - Basic
This is a basic starter aquarium set up with everything you need to get started for tropical fish.

Stone colours available are Black River, Natural, Pink, Fruit Salad, Rainbow, Red, White, Yellow

This includes:
* 60L glass aquarium in Black, Green, Purple or White
* 100W heater
* 5kg coloured stones (of your choice, please see last photo)
* 250ml/38g Tropical Fish Flakes
* Aquarium Thermometer
* API Aquarium Start Up Pack
* 500g box of ceramic bio rings filter media

This brand new curved glass aquarium comes with a built in filter and LED light inside the hood. The lights are a mixture of red, blue, white and green.

It also has a small turnover lid in the front of the hood for convenient feeding. The red button on the top is for turning the lights on and off.

This aquarium is suitable for tropical, cold water and marine fish.

The measurements are 30cm Depth, 49cm Width, 41cm Height and the total height with the lid on is 44cm
The volume is 60L

Please let the colour of the aquarium and stones you are wanting in the delivery instruction or send us an email.
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