Aquavitro Carbonate

Aquavitro Carbonate
* Raises carbonate hardness (KH)
* Raises potassium
* 2000 meq/L (5600 dKH)

Carbonate hardness, (KH), is a measure of the bicarbonate & carbonate content of the water. Carbonate hardness contributes to pH stability and can also act as a CO2 backup reserve if CO2 levels fall too low.

carbonate' is derived from potassium bicarbonate. It increases both carbonate hardness and potassium. The concentration of carbonate' is 2000 meq/L (5600 dKH). In addition, it contains 78,300 mg/L potassium.

Add 30 mL to 60 L (15 US gallons) of water once a week (or as needed). This dose raises carbonate hardness by 1 meq/L (2.8 dKH). For unbuffered water or in the absence of CO2 injection, use ' to ' dose to avoid impacting pH.

Plant preferences vary, but a good rule of thumb is about 1-2 meq/L (3-6 dKH). This dose increases potassium by 40 mg/L.
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