Hailea Internal Filter 200 l/h BT200

Hailea Internal Filter 200 l/h BT200
Hailea HL-BT filters are equipped with a spray nozzle regulating the flow of the filter and oxidizing the water level in the aquarium.

Product description:
*Internal submersible filter with aeration system.
* Reinforced ABS original particles to shape the case, which is never wear out.
* High quality resin to seal the winding and never leak electricity.
* High quality bio-chemical filtration sponge which is suitable for breeding nitrifier.
* Special structure carbon box which is better for releasing the impurity in the water.
* Recommended aquarium size: 60 L

Technical data:
Flow: 200 L/h
Power: 3 W
Voltage: 110 - 120/220 - 240V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Max jet: 0,5 m
Recommended Aquarium Size: 60L
Size: 33.5 x 42.5 x 135mm
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