Pet One Mouse Cage - 1 Level
Pet One Mouse Cages provides a spacious home to keep your mouse happy and safe.

Each cage features a spin wheel, house, water bottle, removable tray for easy cleaning and ramps to access multiple levels within the cage.

Suitable for: Mice

Features & Benefits:

Mouse cage set complete with:
- Drink bottle to keep your mouse well hydrated
- Deep food bowl
- Ramps to access other levels
- Ladders provide climbing opportunities to exercise
- Spin wheel keeps your mouse active
- House allows your mouse to hide and sleep comfortably
- Deep plastic base to contain mess

Removable slide-out tray for easy cleaning
Carry handle for easy portability
Stylish two-tone wire combination

Dimensions: 34.5x28x34cm

Colours may vary from photo
NZ$ 74.90 including GST
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