Pet One Seat Belt Attachment

Pet One Seat Belt Attachment
Your pet's safety is imperative when it comes to car travel. Restraints are a must when you have your best friend in the car.

The Pet One Seat Belt Attachment is designed to safely secure your dog in place and eliminate in-car distractions from your dog whilst in the car. The Pet One Seat Belt Attachment clips onto the D-Ring of your dog's harness to keep them restrained, whilst still letting them sit or lay down comfortably.

Features & Benefits:
* Easily attaches to your Pet One Harness
* Keep your dog in one place minimizing driver distraction
* Lets your dog sit or lay down comfortably
* Made with sturdy seat belt webbing

Suitable for: Dogs

Available in 2 sizes:

49562 - Leash Car Seat Belt Attachment 50cm Black
49563 - Seat Belt Attachment 13cm Black
NZ$ 11.90 including GST

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[{"colour":"","code":"49562","size":"Leash Car Seat Belt Attachment 50cm Black","price":12.087,"qty":9999,"pid":3681513,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/574878/pid2416622/d7f952e4236afc03a202fc64913dc353_XL_1_.jpg","title":"Pet One Seat Belt Attachment"},{"colour":"","code":"49563","size":"Seat Belt Attachment 13cm Black","price":10.348,"qty":9999,"pid":3681512,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/574878/pid2416622/d7f952e4236afc03a202fc64913dc353_XL_1_.jpg","title":"Pet One Seat Belt Attachment"}]
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