Tui Nectar Feeder

Tui Nectar Feeder
Tui are a popular bird to attract in many Kiwi backyards. The Tui Nectar Feeder is a specialist feeder for nectar feeding birds like tui, bellbirds and waxeyes.

Nectar feeding birds love sugar water, especially when nectar flowering trees are out of season.

* This feeder has a patented Bee Guard which prevents bees and wasps from reaching the nectar.
* It is easy to clean and fill.
* Suitable for all nectar feeding birds.

Directions for use:
* Dissolve 200g of white sugar into 1 litre of warm water.
* Once cool, pour sugar water into the Tui Nectar Feeder.
* If possible, place in or near a nectar flowering tree.
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