Aqua One Betta Sanctuary

Aqua One Betta Sanctuary
The Aqua One Betta Sanctuary provides everything you need to create the ideal environment for a Betta fish. The Betta Sanctuary includes energy efficient lighting with white and blue LEDS to create a stunning daylight and moonlight display. The easy to use compact filter will help to maintain water quality, providing both mechanical and biological filtration. Together with the preset heater to keep the water at the right temperature, it will ensure the best conditions to keep your Betta healthy and happy.

Features & Benefits:
* Energy efficient LED light
* Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance
* Great for beginners
* Compact size
* Includes filter and heater
* Modern & stylish design
* Holds up to 10 litres of water

Suitable for: Betta, Tiny Tropicals (like Tetras) and Shrimp

Available in Black and White

Additional Info:
Code: 56308BK, 56308WH
Type: Betta
Size: 22.4W X 22.4D X 26.3cm H
Vol. (L):10
Lighting: 5W LED
Filtration: Internal Back Filter
Flow Rate: 100L/hr
Voltage:220 ~ 240V AC
Heating: Preset Heater
Power: 25W
Colour: Black, White
Length (Cm): 22.4
Incl. Filter: Yes
Incl. Heater: Yes
Incl. Light: Yes
Matching Stand or Cabinet: No
NZ$ 159.90
NZ$ 119.90 including GST

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  • Black
  • White
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