Aqua One Gravel Cleaner

Aqua One Gravel Cleaner
Aqua One Vac A Tank gravel cleaner makes aquarium maintenance easy for you and great for your fish!

Features & Benefits:
* Cleans your gravel of waste
* Use as an aid to your essential water changes
* Low flow for aquariums and all gravel sizes

20138 - Vac A Tank Gravel Cleaner 25cm 10in
20140 - Vac A Tank Gravel Cleaner 60cm 24in
NZ$ 20.00 including GST

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BOYU hand held Aquarium Siphon and Cleaner for siphoning water from your tank and for siphoning the dirt in and around the gravel within your aquarium fish tank.

Easy to follow instruction on the back of the packaging.

Has a strainer at the end of the barrel to ensure no fish or gravel are sucked up.

Total length is 199cm, the flexible hose measures 153cm, the barrel is 46cm and the width of the barrel is 4.5cm.

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