Avi One Bird Toy - Acrylic 5 Rings W/bell

Avi One Bird Toy - Acrylic 5 Rings W/bell
Avi One Bird Toys are designed to provide enrichment and entertainment for your avian pet. Providing environmental enrichment for your pet bird enhances their quality of life, instincts and overall health and wellbeing.

Create different activities for your bird by introducing a variety of toys and accessories such as bells, mirrors, ladders and swinging perches.

Features and Benefits:
* Bird toys encourage exercise and enrichment to keep your bird mentally stimulated
* Playtime can decrease stress and boredom and provide a sense of independence in your bird
* Fun and colourful design will look great in any cage
* Provides endless hours of enjoyment for you and your bird
* Easily attaches to your birds cage
* Durable bird safe construction

Suitable For: Birds

Colour may vary from picture.
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