Dark Koi Guppy Pair

Dark Koi Guppy Pair
Pair of Dark Koi Guppies. 1 male 1 females.

Guppies are a very popular tropical fish and a perfect in a community tank.
pH range: 6.8-7.4
Temp range: 22-28°C
Approx. purchase size: 2-3cm
Max size: 5-6cm

We feed all of our fish our Maximum Pet Supplies branded fish food which consists of a mixture of our Colour Enhancing Flakes, Discus Bits/Slow Sinking Granules, Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp, Live White Worms and Daphnia.

Whilst we do our best in ensure that these are available there maybe times that we have not been able to update the website in time due to selling in store and these may need to be ordered in.

This is a stock photo so please note the fish we have may differ from this photo.

Fish are shipped in a polystyrene box with a heat pack. Please note that these are shipped at your risk. We do take every possible care to ensure they arrive safely to you and we have had a very high success rate of them doing so.

Our shipping days for live items are Mon - Wed to ensure they arrive safely to you and don't get stuck over the weekend. Expected shipping is overnight business days for the both the North Island and South Island with NZ Post, rural deliveries may take another day.
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