Topflite Aviary Mix 20kg

Topflite Aviary Mix 20kg
Fill up the feeding bowl and watch all your birds of a feather flock together for a healthy and nutritious meal. They’ll love this premium seed and grain mix designed specifically for happy, healthy aviary birds.

Containing sunflower seeds, linseeds, canary seeds, and more, Aviary Mix is a simple, no-fuss way to ensure your birds are getting the nutrients they need. The carefully formulated mix of seeds provides the essential carbohydrates and proteins needed to keep aviary birds strong and healthy.

* A healthy mix of seeds for all aviary birds
* A delicious all-rounder, suitable for most aviary birds
* Source of carbohydrates and protein
* Mix may germinate (as it contains mostly NZ grown products)

Ingredients: Canary Seed, Barley, Hulled Oats, Panicum, Oilseed Rape, Sunflower, Wheat, White French Millet, Safflower, Linseed.

Typical Analysis: Protein 13.0%, Fat 13.2%, Fibre 10.6%
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