Drontal Cat Ellipsoid Worming Tablets 4kg

Drontal Cat Ellipsoid Worming Tablets 4kg
Drontal Cat Ellipsoid Worming Tablets, for cats up to 4kg - 2 pack

Kills all Gastrointestinal worms including Roundworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm (including the Common Flea Tapeworm).

Each Ellipsoid tablet contains:
– 230mg pyrantel embonate
– 20mg praziquantel

* Each treatment last 3 months
* Suitable for all ages of cats / kittens from 4 weeks old, also suitable for pregnant cats (Queens)
* Pack contains 2 tablets,

* ­½ tablet for cats under 2kg
* 1 tablet for cats 2.1kg to 4kg
* 1½ tablets for cats 4.1kg to 6kg
* 2 tablets for cats 6.1kg to 8kg

Cats should be wormed every 3 months.
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