JBL NanoCatappa 10 Pieces (treats 300L)

JBL NanoCatappa 10 Pieces (treats 300L)
Tropical almond leaves for small freshwater aquariums

Natural care for fish and invertebrates in freshwater aquariums
Natural effect of tropical almond leaves: promotes well-being, vitality and spawning readiness

Natural water conditioner and protection for mucous membrane from the natural habitat of our aquarium dwellers. Promotes well-being, vitality and spawning readiness. Tanning agents have a compressing effect on the mucous membrane and prevent diseases.

Directly harvested from the tree, cleaned, smoothed and sun-dried

Contents: 1 packet Nano-Catappa, 10 leaves, use: 1 leaf/15 ' 30 l water. Active substances are released completely after 1 ' 3 weeks
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