Smite Organic Natural Mite Powder 350g

Smite Organic Natural Mite Powder 350g
Smite Organic Natural Mite Powder contains diatomaceous earth which you can safely use inside your home and on your property ' anywhere that insects need controlling.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) controls insects such as fleas, cockroaches, ants, caterpillar and poultry red mites and is effective long term. DE can be applied to your pet's bedding and inside their housing including dog kennels and chicken coops. DE can also be spread in your vegetable patch for controlling aphids and caterpillars without harming earth worms. For poultry, place DE in the darkest corners, crevasses, perches and nesting areas to control red mites.

* 100% natural organic product
* Can safely use wherever insects are a nuisance
* No egg, meat or food withholding periods
* For use inside for flea, fly, cockroach and ant control
* For use in vegetable patch for aphid and caterpillar control ' won't harm earth worms
* For use on the farm - dog kennels, chicken coops
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