JW Insight Clean Water - Silo Waterer

JW Insight Clean Water - Silo Waterer
The JW® Clean Water Silo Bird Waterer is specially designed for your bird's well-being to provide a clean supply of water. Its convenient no-spill valve means no more water spills when removing the waterer for filling the outer chamber. Designed to fit all bird cages with vertical and horizontal bars with a simple screw-on design.

* Provides a reliable water source for your bird
* Fresh water promotes a pet birds well being
* For parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, and finches
* Fits securely on vertical and horizontal wire cages
* Easily remove for cleaning and refilling without spills

Comes in 2 different sizes:
Small: 60 ml
Tall: 100 ml
NZ$ 14.00 including GST

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